Study In Georgian At ILAC, Toronto!


  1. IELTS 5.5 acceptable for onshore students: In case the student is onshore and has 5.5 in any of the modules, but, meeting the overall band requirement is acceptable ie. 6.0 overall for the Business diploma program (UG) and 6.5 overall for any of the graduate certificates. 
  2. GAP Acceptance: some leverage is given on GAP. Georgian at ILAC is accepting 2019 12thpassout students for the Business diploma program and 2016 graduate pass out students for graduate certificates. 
  3. No English Proficiency Test Required in case of student read 1 or 2 years of education from any English-speaking countries like NZ/CANADA/USA/UK and AUS. 
  4. Available 3 intakes in a year. 
  5. Highest Commission amount. 
  6. Public College. 
  7. PGWP Available. 
  8. Conditional Offer Available. 
  9. Avail Unconditional offer letter and LOA on the Duolingo score. 
  10. Minimum deposit of 2500$ is required to avail final LOA. 


  • College Diploma – Business (BUSN) 
  • Graduate Certificate – Global Business Management (GBMT) 
  • Graduate Certificate – Project Management (PRJM) 
  • Graduate Certificate – Human Resources Management (HRMN) (Co-op) 

Why Georgian at ILAC 

a) Learning in Canada: Canada has the best higher education system in the world and is the real “land of opportunity” for the world’s brightest minds. In Canada, all cultures are welcomed and celebrated. Many young people will study and stay here as new Canadians, making great contributions to our future economy. 

b) Diversity: ILAC is one of the most diverse language schools in the world. Students come from over 90 countries. 

c) Employment-focused programs: These programs are intended to support students in developing the most valuable skills and credentials for finding employment in Canada. 

d) Downtown Campus: ILAC International College’s boutique campus is located in the heart of Toronto. The neighborhood is upscale, safe and steps away from the city’s most famous landmarks and attractions. The bright and modern state-of-the-art campus provides the perfect environment for learning and socializing. 

So why are you waiting for? Apply now and achieve the great scholarship opportunities out there!